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Hello, we are Animotion, a creative video production and animation company based in Hertfordshire. We are an award-winning team of producers, filmmakers, animators, and artists.


Our mission is simple. Consistently deliver video and content that makes our clients' businesses more memorable and successful. 


Each and every video we produce is made with a clear intention. We bring all of our extensive knowledge together to produce animations and video content that gets our clients the results that they need.

The proof

We have worked with local clients as well as world-leading brands to deliver a variety of projects. From simple web and social videos right up to immersive 360 experiences and international campaigns.


Our team of video Producers, Animators, Editors' and Directors have extensive expertise in creating video content for businesses of all sizes.

Together, we provide all of the services you would expect from your content and video production partner.

Who have we created work for?



Why use animation?

Let's face facts, we all have short attention spans (Don't you go denying it!) and as marketers, we need to squeeze as much stimulus as possible into our efforts or risk them being as much use as paper flip-flops.


As a medium, Animation is one of the most engaging ways of telling your own story in a unique and flexible way. Colourful and funny? or serious and informative? Choose your weapon, because the possibilities in animation are limitless.

In short, it's engaging, entertaining and infinitely adaptable. Do you need any more reasons?

Why use video marketing?

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth? Thousands? Millions? Billions?, Gazillions? (Okay we made that last one up) but it's true, a video reaches those parts that other mediums just can't reach.

Think about it, when you are having a cheeky scroll through social media at work (we all do it) or sat on the sofa at home, how many videos do you watch? one, two, more? Now times this by the sheer number of people online at any given time. That's a bucket load of people watching videos!

Does this answer your question?

VFX 432A Sparks - POST.jpg

I had the pleasure to have Animotion do all the VFX work on my feature film "Dead Squad" I couldn't have picked a better company. They are extremely dedicated and of course professional and their work is top-notch.

Highly Recommended.

Dominik Hauser

Director - Dead squad

Six i7 Films (Los Angeles)

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