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360 Video Production

Why just watch a video, when you could be in one?

360 video has transformed the way companies market and engage with potential and existing customers. 360 video can teleport the viewer to locations like never before whilst ensuring maximum engagement and a memorable experience.

Imagine being able to place your client inside of your new product or show them around your facility without them leaving their desks. Blow them away with a trip in a racing or high-end vehicle or take them to inner space and show them the inside of a human body using CGI. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you want to show them around a property or blast them into space, 360 videos are amazing marketing products, helping to create memorable, immersive experiences and successful advertising campaigns.

You don't need expensive VR equipment to view them either. Many media platforms now host 360 videos effortlessly, so you can show them on your phone, or through a VR Cardboard thanks to compatible hosting on YouTube, Vimeo and even Facebook, so you can take them on the road.

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Transforming customer engagement for LASIMM & Autodesk

Trade shows are a vital part of many industries, attracting potential customers from near and far to view the latest in technological innovation up close and personal.  Sadly, it isn't always possible to take a sample of your product or even transport the important parts to the show as sometimes it's just not possible or too expensive.

LASIMM had this exact challenge. Having produced a large-scale 3D construction beam printer, their marketing team really needed to get the word out and showcase this amazing new technological advancement at the latest trade fairs and shows across the globe, starting with the Autodesk University show in Las Vegas.


Working in conjunction with Particles Media, we were challenged to create a video, that would showcase this product in a way that would be memorable, engaging and informative whilst standing out from the competition. Our idea was to utilize 360 video production.

We produced a comprehensive, 360 video for LASIMM, first filming inside the health and safety no-go zone of the printer facility and using the latest in animation and post-production techniques to enhance the footage and tell the story.


As a final step, we created a full 3D custom surround sound design that envelopes the viewer and enhances the experience through a VR headset. This was then loaded into several VR headsets, and shown on large, touch-screen monitors at the trade events allowing LASIMM to not only immerse their customers into the video but also show them presentation style while answering questions first-hand. 

the full case study here:

CGI 360 Video Production

CGI has revolutionized the video and entertainment industries and continues to surprise and amaze us all with its limitless possibilities. So it's no surprise, that CGI can be used exceptionally well in the realms of 360 video production.

Breaking out of the boundaries set by physical filming techniques, CGI can transport the viewer into areas/worlds and situations just not possible with traditional film-making methods. Whilst many still believe that CGI is just for the Hollywood elite, it really isn't. Advances in modern technology have brought access to this infinitely adaptable medium to a more accessible level and it only continues to wow audiences with its possibilities.

Video marketing just entered another dimension.


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