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How We help you!

Building Digital Audiences

Animotion UK will help you create relevant, engaging and entertaining content for your business or project. Our speciality is Animated video production for business and film production for media and entertainment.


Animotion UK can help you reach your target audience, make your business/project stand out and help you realise it's full potential, in a fun and entertaining way!

You will already know that video marketing for business is huge and that everyone is using it. Cheeky fact: It is estimated that during 2019, internet video will make up around 80% of online traffic!If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how many words is a high quality video worth? Thousands? Millions? Billions?, Gazillions? (Okay we made that last one up) but it's true, a video reaches those parts that other mediums just can't.


Think about it, when you are having a cheeky scroll through social media at work (we all do it) or sat on the sofa at home, how many videos do you watch? one, two, more?

Now times this by the sheer number of people online at any given time. That's a bucket load of people watching videos! With the constant flow of algorithm changes, it's now become easier to engage the right audience, the audience you need in the best possible way!


It can be daunting stepping into the world on online creative content. We know only too well as we have been in your shoes. So how do you make that first leap? Well, if your reading this, you have made a great start!


If you are working on an existing project, planning a new one or you simply need help with producing online content,

we can help you!

How we work

All work and no play, makes Ani a dull bot!


Everything starts with a cuppa!


We listen to you, hear your ideas and help you to develop your ideas and projects so that they become as important to us as they do to you.


Don't have any idea what you want? No problem! We'll brainstorm with you and get the ideas flowing.


Our creative process is all about you and your ideas. We work with you to discover the best way to deliver your message to your target audiences.


You are our best resource for creating styles that are perfectly suited to your brand, so we can create a solid impact with your brand and the content we create for you.  


It's not always possible to get it perfect first ime round (although we do try) We understand that the creation of great content is a process.


Working together with you, we take your feedback and tweak them until they're perfect! You know you're getting the best. We provide up to 5 revision rounds at no extra charge


We've said it before, content creation is a process. It's vital that it's delivered in the best way possible on the right platform.


Once ready, we'll help you to deliver your incredible new content to new and existing audiences. Implementing your marketing strategy to increase your brand profile.