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Graphic Design

We're not one-trick ponies

Here at Animotion, we aren't just about video. Besides being the masters of the moving image, we never forget our roots so will always have a soft spot for the good old static images too!


Whilst video is the big fish, there is still a HUGE requirement for your business to look at it's best from every other angle. Your logo, branding, paperwork, brochures, business cards and everything else that represents you needs to look the part. You could be the best in the business but if your business doesn't look it's best, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.


Think about it, why do people buy from Selfridges, John Lewis, and Harrods? Their products are pretty much the same as everywhere else but they can charge premium prices, why is this? The simple answer is perceived value. They can charge more for the same product because their business branding, voice, style and everything about them has been carefully planned and executed to emphasize top quality that's aimed squarely at their target market, and it works.

Given the choice between two identical shops/businesses/websites, people will always choose the one that looks the best.