Video production

Video Production

What is it and why use it?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock over the past few years, you will know that video marketing for business has become the big daddy of marketing and that everyone from the biggest brands in the world to the smallest home businesses are using it as much as possible.


If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how many words is a well-shot corporate video worth? Thousands? Millions? Billions?, Gazillions? (Okay we made that last one up) but it's true, a video reaches those parts that other mediums just can't reach.

Think about it, when you are having a cheeky scroll through social media at work (we all do it) or sat on the sofa at home, how many videos do you watch? one, two, more? Now times this by the sheer number of people online at any given time. That's a bucket load of people watching videos!


Cheeky fact: It is estimated that during 2020, internet video will make up around 80% of online traffic!


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